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Tradinco Instruments

Founded in 1963, our major asset is 50 years of know-how and experience in the calibration market. Over the years, we have developed ourselves as calibration specialist and turned calibration into an Art, creating the most ideal way of performing calibrations. Since then, in close co-operation with all our customers we are continuously developing this art, resulting in simple, easy to use, high performance innovative instruments. Known as ‘The Calibration Company’, Tradinco instruments highly values customer service, reliability, integrity and quality. Our ISO 9001-2008 and EN17025 certifications assure customers of high quality products, service and solutions. In 2008 Tradinco Instruments has integrated its sensor division. Well trained staff advises the most suitable sensors for your application. As 'the Sensor Solution Company' we are able to design sensors to your need, always resulting in the best and most cost effective way.

Bedrijf Tradinco Instruments
Vestiging Hoofdvestiging
Adres Industrieweg 74
Postcode Plaats 2651 BD Berkel en Rodenrijs
Land Nederland
Telefoonnummer +31(0)105113669
Faxnummer +31(0)105115114
E-mailadres sales@tradinco.com
Website www.tradinco.com
Contactpersoon E-mailadres Telefoonnummer Afdeling Functie
Dhr. van Stigt Thans, Ed e.vanstigtthans@t... +31(0)610245682 Sensor Solutions Product Manager
Dhr. van Os, Erwin e.vanos@tradinco.com +31(0)610303849 Sales Account Manager