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Zemic Europe B.V.


ZEMIC has built up a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of load cells, strain gages and sensors in the Asian region and as a manufacturer of many known brand names in the European and American load cell market. In the first place, this is largely due to the quality and versatility of our products. Furthermore, our customers place increasingly more value on reliable service, from stock deliveries and professional consultancy in the area of application know-how.

To increase our support to you we have opened in 2006 ZEMIC EUROPE in The Netherlands, with an European distribution network. With 23 years of being active in the field of weighing you can expect from us a professional technical support for your application and we can give you advice for the “best fit” load cell, mounting hardware, strain gage or pressure and torque transducer. Zemic Europe can also offer you your own private label with or without OIML approvals and if our wide range of standard products does not meet your requirements our engineering staff of 225 engineers is ready to design a special product according to your specifications.

Thousands of products are stocked in our warehouse in The Netherlands to offer short leadtimes and make the distribution in Europe as efficient as possible. We are ready to stock your product and be part of your integrated supply chain.

This is the added value of Zemic Europe and our team is ready to “Be Better” for you!

Bedrijf Zemic Europe B.V.
Vestiging Hoofdvestiging
Adres Leerlooierstraat 8
Postcode Plaats 4871 EN Etten-Leur
Land Nederland
Telefoonnummer +31765039480
Faxnummer +31765039481
E-mailadres info@zemic.nl
Website www.zemic.nl
Contactpersoon E-mailadres Telefoonnummer Afdeling Functie
Dhr. Kleemans, M. maarten@zemic.nl +31 76 5039480 Sales Marketing & Sales
Dhr. van Gool, C. corne@zemic.nl +31 76 5039480 Sales Sales manager
Dhr. van Wijk, E. info@zemic.nl +31 76 5039480 Research & Development Research & Development