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Minebea-Intec Netherlands


Minebea Intec provides products, solutions and services to the process industry for increasing the reliability, safety and efficiency of production and packaging lines. We have more than 70 years experience in supporting the industry to ensure that manufactured goods have the right quality and do not contain any foreign bodies. Our ability to do this, is based on the German Quality of our products combined with our continuous investment in developing leading technologies. Our product portfolio includes bench and floor scales from 600 g to 3000 kg, load cells from 30 kg to 520 tons, metal detectors, checkweighers, X-Ray machines, truck weighing bridges.

Bedrijf Minebea-Intec Netherlands
Vestiging Zellik
Adres Z3 Doornveld, 33
Postcode Plaats 1731 Zellik
Land België
Telefoonnummer +31 30 602 50 30
Faxnummer +32 2 253 45 95
E-mailadres info.nl@minebea-intec.com
Website www.minebea-intec.com
Contactpersoon E-mailadres Telefoonnummer Afdeling Functie
Mevr. DeBacker, Annick info.nl@minebea-i... +31 30 602 50 30 Verkoop Sales Support NL
Dhr. Swinnen, Stijn service.nl@minebe... Country Manager