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Inter Service Coevorden


Inter Service Coevorden BV is manufacturer of the Big-bale Press BBP65 as well as the Debaler DB230. Both machines are part of the “Big-bale Packaging Concept”.

The Big-bale Packaging System is oriented toward the supply of installations for the bulk processing industry. Many sectors are today affected by major changes on a global level, necessitating a more efficient and environmentally conscious approach to operations, often calling for a large degree of mechanisation.

The Big-bale offers a complete solution to manufacturers and transporters, as well as end-users. The Big-bale and related installations together constitute a unique concept for the packaging, storage, transportation, and processing of bulk products.

This unique combination makes the Big-bale the most efficient and flexible packaging system available on the market today.

Big Bale Handling Technology

The Big-bale is a revolutionary type of packaging in which compressible bulk products are compressed, packed, and if so desired, palletised. The compression reduces the volume of the material, enabling the efficient packaging, storage, transportation, and processing of bulk products. Big-bales are stable, retain their shape and fit within the pallet. Only a limited amount of wrapping foil is used, and that can be quickly and easily removed at the time of processing. Big-bales or raw materials can be further processed using the DB230 Debaler for bales and bags.

Bedrijf Inter Service Coevorden
Adres Modem 28
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Land Nederland
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Website www.isc-bv.com
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