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Peterson SBS Chemicals BV

Peterson SBS supplies production chemicals and (aviation) fuel to the E&P industry. We deliver our products in bulk to the supply vessel, in IMO tank containers and in IBC’s. Our bulk storage and filling station facilities meet the highest environmental protection standards, accommodating: Methanol Mono Ethylene Glycol Diëthylene Glycol Triëthylene Glycol Marine Gas Oil Jet A-1 helicopter fuel In addition to these chemicals, which we supply direct from stock tanks at our supply bases, we can supply clients with any chemical commonly used in our industry.

Bedrijf Peterson SBS Chemicals BV
Vestiging Den Helder
Adres Paleiskade 41
Postcode Plaats 1781 AN Den Helder
Land Nederland
Telefoonnummer 0223 685 222
Faxnummer 0223 685 222
E-mailadres rvduivenvoorde@petersonsb...
Website www.pcugroup.com
LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/profile/...
Contactpersoon E-mailadres Telefoonnummer Afdeling Functie
Dhr. Van Duivenvoorde, Rob rvduivenvoorde@pe... 0223 685 222 Chemicals Deputy Director